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It was a warm sunny day when i went to hill station of Shimla which has always been my favourite destination to till today. I loved it from my childhood when i just have seen and read about it in books. But with all my friends around it were quite funny experience full of liveliness and different other pleasurable items around. When I was having my birthday at that point of time one of my friends came out and told me that there was something special about in the night for me a birthday boy. I was quite expecting something very pleasant gift with a lot of surprise. But then when night came i saw a beautiful girl inside my room who has been waiting for me in a dress that I cannot ever forget in my life.

She was damn beautiful and anyone would be ready to bang his head for her beauty; then she was smiling me and it was me who was feeling little shy then suddenly she took me and received me and dragged me inside the room. Then we had coffee and she gave a warm body massage and we had a lot of fun together. Once i broke ice with her it was me all who have initiated many things that I never have had experienced earlier. The way she dressed looked quite appealing and attractively revealing as well. It is the real reason why you would always have some say that would automatically create some sort of confidence in you. That is what exactly happened with me; the escort girl in Delhi has always brought out different kinds of unique experiences like no one else and it is the rightly true to say that there are different other ingredients as per the enjoyment is concerned.

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